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How does it Work?

Whether you need a passport, visa or both, the basic process is the same. You gather the documents listed in our Check List section, either deliver them by hand to our offices or more common send them to  us using FedEx Label enclosed with your choice passport online order. We will process the applications with the USA or foreign governments and then return it to you. During the process cycle,  we will keep you inform of the status of your application by phone or email.  Choice Passport will guide you and help you through out the processing cycle, Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal.


Your departure date must be later than : Jul 09, 2020 for our 24 hour service.


Visa Quick Check

Are you a US citizen who wants to know if a visa is required for your trip? Use Visa Quick Check to get the information you need for your destination. Simply select the country to which you are traveling to determine if a visa will be required for your trip. If a visa is required for travel to your destination country, select Get a Visa and you will be on your way to getting the documents you need. Where ‘No visa required’ is indicated, you must hold the following:

  • A passport containing one blank visa page that is valid for 6 months past the date that you will enter the country
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof of onward or return flights
  • All documents required for your next destination

While a travel visa may not be required, many countries have specific travel requirements beyond the bullet points provided above that you must meet in order to enter your destination country.

Go to the Visas page to learn about the specific travel requirements for your destination. Jump to your destination by selecting the letter of the country or scroll down the page until you see what you are looking for.